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The Mint page allows users to mint $KRONOS from the protocol at a discount by trading it with liquidity (LP tokens) or other assets. The minting action creates bonds that take 5 days to vest, $KRONOS tokens are vested linearly to the user over that period.​ The Kronos DAO will offer minting via $BUSD, $BNB-$BUSD and $KRONOS/BUSD for BSC, $USDC and $CRO-$USDC for Cronos, but we expect to add other mint assets soon.


Staking allows you to earn $KRONOS passively via auto-compounding. By staking your $KRONOS with Kronos DAO, you receive sKRONOS at a 1:1 ratio. After that, your sKRONOS balance will increase automatically on every epoch based on the fixed APR 365% or APY 3,678.3% (compound). Each user can insert a part or the maximum quantitative of $KRONOS owned as he prefers. Equally at any time user can unstake his $KRONOS.


In addition to that, the rewards can be further enhanced through one additional bonus called Diamond Hands. If you allow your rewards to accumulate and not Claim them, the Diamond Hands bonus will activate. That bonus will enhance your unclaimed rewards based on the number of days you have not claimed your rewards.

The following shows the Diamond Hands reward levels:

Level 0: Rewards within the first 3 days gets no boost
Level 1: Rewards not claimed for 3 days gets a x1.05 boost
Level 2: Rewards not claimed for 7 days gets a x1.15 boost
Level 3: Rewards not claimed for 15 days gets a x1.25 boost
Level 4: Rewards not claimed for 30 days gets a x1.35 boost


For example, imagine that you have just stake 10,000 $KRONOS.

Scenario 1:
You decide to Claim your rewards the very next day. Your unclaimed rewards after 1 day = 100 $KRONOS x 1 day (APR 1% a day) = 100 $KRONOS.
* No Diamond Hands bonus is activated. Therefore, your received rewards = 100 $KRONOS

Scenario 2:
You decide to Claim your rewards after 30 days of accumulating rewards. Your unclaimed rewards after 30 days = 100 $KRONOS x 30 days (APR 1% a day)= 3,000 $KRONOS.
* Level 4 Diamond Hands bonus is activated and gives your unclaimed rewards a x1.35 boost. Therefore, your received rewards = 4,050 $KRONOS.
WARNING: When you Claim your rewards, the Diamond Hands bonus is reset.